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    I've ridden a bike all my life, but I started road riding seriously in 1989, when my friends at work started an early morning loop ride. My first "real" bike was a blue Richey that I rode until 1998. Currently I ride a Seven with a Campy Super Recor triple. While I've done a fair amount of long distance cycling (rides over 200 miles), I mostly like to ride near home in the early morning.

    These pages are a collection of notes and links I've found useful in riding.
    •  Equipment, clothes and other useful gear.
    •  Planning a ride in the SF Bay Area: The Western Wheeler's Bike Catalog
    •  Training for a long distance ride.
    •  Other useful links.

    He's dancing on his pedals
    In a most immodest way.

    —from Dancing on the Pedals : The Found Poetry of Phil Liggett

    Favorite Movie
    Breaking Away: Steve Tesich won an Oscar for this semi-biographical screenplay about four 19-year-olds who don't know what to do after high school. One escapes into a world of Italian bicycling, picking up the lingo, the accent, and a good share of the talent of his heroes.

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